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More than 200 attend Dante’s First Exhibition.

Eight photographers, eight different subjects, eight points of view. This diverse array of work based on assignments given to the group during the summer, were displayed as photographic prints at the Armada Lounge, 23 York Street, Ottawa. The exhibition spans a wide range of photographic genres, including fine art, documentary, and studio and environmental portraiture. This is Dante Was Here Group’s first exhibition but not the first for the individual photographers. The participants are experienced photographers having shown their work in solo or group exhibitions in the past. The Show is still open to all, so please drop by and enjoy! GO TO GALLERY >

< Street photography in Montreal, August 23, 2008

Part of the Group’s activities is to travel to distant and hostile places (OK, maybe not. 1.5 hours form Ottawa and the people are very friendly). Six photographers roamed the streets of this great city and produced some very interesting images. A web gallery is in the making. We’ll keep you posted as trips to other places are planned.


Five Days in Havana by Yannis Souris

Presentation at the RA Photo Club, March 3rd, 2009

The streets of Havana, Cuba are full of interest and surprise and one of our members was right in the middle of it recently. Yannis Souris spent five days photographing people in one of the planet’s most amazing cities. And it shows. The presentation includes 1. An overview of street photography, 2. The people and interesting areas of Havana as well as roaming Havana day and night, 3. Many tips, techniques and methods, and most importantly 4. Some compelling images as part of an audiovisual show both in black/white and colour Check out the SHOW online: B/W IMAGES I COLOUR IMAGES

The group meets occasionally at the Armada Lounge, inside the Brig Pub in the Byward Market, Ottawa, Canada. Inquiries about the group should be directed via email to questions@DanteWasHere.com.

More than 200 attend Dante’s Fall Exhibition.