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Natasha Penknovich, Woman with Umbrella

"L'etranger" is one of Natasha’s projects that attempted to evoke the feeling of being a foreigner in your own country. In her own words: I tried to express an existential state of mind related to loneliness and detachment, which is not necessary negative. I believe that solitude can be an evil, and it can be a blessing. It can be destructive, and it can awake huge creative forces.

Eric Fruhauf, At Jopet’s

An image from the series “Rural Life” is a mirror of how Burzic  wanted to interpret the title. In his own words: I was unlocked in Bosnia in Kingstown without a king. The sound of falling curtains imprisoned me on stage of photography for the rest of my life. In 1992, the evil of war resurfaced in my country and left a scar in my soul. It's been  already ten years that I am at home in Canada with so much undefined nostalgia and so many memories of my home. That is why I live my imprisonment with acceptance, unconditionally.  

Featured Work

This is an image from Eric's series AUTOSHOP, which documents independent auto repair garages in the Ottawa area. In this long-term project, Eric realized that the focus of his work was shifting away from the cars and machinery of the garages. "The faces and hands of the mechanics expressed to me as much about about what they do as their handiwork. Their hands have an eternal patina of grease that defines every crease and whorl."

Azimir Burzic, Somewhere in Aylmer

The group meets occasionally at the Armada Lounge, inside the Brig Pub in the Byward Market, Ottawa, Canada. Inquiries about the group should be directed via email to questions@DanteWasHere.com.

Caroline Gomersall, Ring

An image from a body of work Caroline undertook exploring emotions and reactions following a recent breakup. The photo conveys her feelings of freedom as well as sadness when a bond is broken and gone.